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What is Fisip Unmul?
Fisip stands for Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik or the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences while Unmul is an acronym of Universitas Mulawarman or Mulawarman University. So, Fisip Unmul is the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Mulawarman University. Hereinafter, Fisip and Fisip Unmul are used interchangeably.

When was Fisip Unmul founded?
In 1962. For more information on its historical establishment, see the link of “Faculty.”

Where is the location of Fisip?
At Gunung Kelua campus, in the capital of East Kalimantan province, Indonesia. The Gunung Kelua campus is its main campus. Besides, it has one campus resides in the downtown of Samarinda, about a three kilometer away. This is for Applied Government study program or the Government Academy/Institute. See it at

How was the recent development of Fisip Unmul?
In the last ten years, the Faculty had built some new buildings to support teaching and learning processes. Currently, a new building for the Dean office and other administrative offices has been built. The number of lecturers and particularly students steeply increase as well. The faculty’s facilities have been also improved, quantitatively and qualitativey.

Are there the pictures of the new campus establishments?
Absolutely. See them at the “Gallery” link.

What kinds of facilities does the Faculty have?
Check them at the "Facilities" link.

How are the scientific gatherings at Fisip?
Quite active. Every year, it hosts scientific gatherings such as seminars, panel discussions, workshops, general lectures, and so on. They are organized by either the Faculty or student organisations.

Does Fisip Unmul have convenient venues for academic gatherings?
Yes. It has conference rooms and some other seminar rooms.

Does Fisip have a scientific journal?
Yes, the Journal of Social and Political Sciences (Jurnal Sosial-Politika). This journal was founded in 1998 and has been published biannually.

Who can submit manuscripts to such a journal?
Anybody, either lecturers or students. Non-Fisip Unmul lecturers, students, experts, or else are welcomed to contribute as well.

What study programs are available at Fisip Unmul?
We have ten fields of study whose name and profile can be viewed in "Study Programs" link.

For those who have occupation, can they study at Fisip Unmul?
For certain study programs, yes. They could take afternoon classes. See more information on the "Study Program" and "Q&A" links.

Is there a Master Program?
Yes, Master program in Administration Science. It has morning and afternoon/evening classes. See the “Postgraduate” link.

Is there Doctoral Program?
Not yet. It is still in the making.

How many staff does Fisip Unmul have?
About 92 lecturers and 109 administrative staff (2012). Fore more information on the profile of each staff, see "Staff" Directory" link.

What kinds of opportunities do the staff have?
For lecturers, they can pursue their advanced degrees in the universities throughout the archipelago or overseas. They can also have opportunities to be visiting scholars or research fellows. For administrative staff, they can receive promotion in their career or participate in many university activities.

How is the recruitment system of lecturers?
The recruitment is carried out annually, which is administered centrally by the university. However, the teaching practices are examined by the faculty. The recruitment schedule is usually the same as the recruitment of civil servants across Indonesia. For more details, contact the Personnel Management Section of Mulwarman University.

How is the recruitment system of the administrative staff?
The schedule is the same as that of the lecturers. In the examination, there is of course no teaching practice test.

How many students do Fisip Unmul have?
Currently, there are about 6,000 active students. In the 1990s, they numbered only about 300-600 students. Thus, there has been a 1000 per cent increase.

How are the Fisip student admission procedures?
There are two systems, namely, national-based admission system (by invitation and written test) and local-based admission system. For the former, in 2012, there six study programs in this system (Public Administration, Government, Sosiatri, International Relations, Communication, Psychology). The remaining study programs follow the latter system. The local-based admission test is carried out after the national-based admission test. The enrollement is carried out online, except fot Applied Government study program (PIN) and Master program in Public Administration.

What kinds of activities do Fisip Unmul students have?
Many activities, like student organizational activities, group discussions, academic gatherings, sports, art performance, music, etc.

How long do the students complete their studies?
Generally between 4-5 years to obtain their undergraduate degrees. But for some students, the study length could be less or more.

Are there scholarships for students?
Yes. Some companies, government institutions, and non-government organizations in Indonesian and overseas quite often offer scholarships or financial assistance to students. The amount of stipend or financial assistance depends on the capabilities of such companies/organizations. The scholarships are mostly offered to those who have good academic performance but lacking of financial supports from their families.

How many alumni does Fisip Unmul have?
As Fisip Unmul has been established since 1962, they number about 6,000 alumni.

Where do they reside and work at present?
They scatter across the archipelago; some of them even reside overseas. They mostly work as lecturers, civil servants, politicians, businesspersons, activists, etc., or are self-employed.

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